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Board of Trustees

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2015 Candidates


Elections take place at our 2015 Annual Membership Meeting

scheduled on Sunday, January 26 at noon.

January 6: Meet and Greet the Candidates

January 13: Meet and Greet the Candidates


You must be an updated 2015 Active Unity Renaissance Member to vote.

How to Become a Unity Renaissance Member Brochure click here

Board of Trustees

Nomination Documents

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“Are you called to make a difference

The Nomination packets for the 2015 Board of Trustees are now available in the Narthex or you may download an application below.

If you have been an active Unity Renaissance member for 2 or more years, you can submit your application to serve, and help shape the future of Unity Renaissance!  This year we are filling 2 positions.

Applications are due by 5 PM Wed. Nov, 19, 2014. Elections will be held at the annual meeting, Sunday, January 25, 2015.

Nominating Council:

 Cyndi Root

H: 757-238-2397

Victoria Vijiya

C: 757-675-5817

Cindy Mills, Board Liaison


Rev. Paula Mekdeci

RevPaula@unityrenaissance.org W 757-420-5280


Please contact Cordy Mack for further information.


2015 Unity Renaissance Application

             with instructions in pdf form

UR Bylaws Copy of Current, approved 2013

UR Organizational Chart ~ Functional

12 Board of Trustee Commitments

Vision Across the Board: 

 The Nominating Council is seeking leaders who will support, activate, and actualize Unity Renaissance Spiritual Life Center's vision and mission.  If you have been an active member for two years and are wondering how to step up your service level, running for a Board membership is a great opportunity. Curious?  Attend the August 29 or September 26 Board meeting to find out more about how spiritual business is conducted. 


•             Sincere follower of Unity principles

•             Volunteer programs, committees or groups

•             Attend some classes, conferences, workshops

•             Willing & committed to serve Board term 

Applications will be available on the UR website or for pick up in the narthex on September 15, 2013. Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

2015 Board of Trustees Voting Member

Application for Nomination

2015 Board of Trustees

Voting Member

Unity Renaissance Spiritual Life Center

 Nominating Council:

  • Cyndi Root

  • Victoria  Vijiya

  • Cindy Mills, Board Liaison

  • Rev. Paula Mekdeci

Contact Cyndi Root or Victoria Vijiya with questions about the application process.  

The application is due in the Unity Renaissance office

NO LATER THAN Close of Business Wednesday, 11/19/2014

Elections Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015

   Thank you for your interest in serving Unity Renaissance Spiritual Life Center.

   This application is your first step in the election process.

   The Nominating Council will review each application and construct a slate of candidates.

   Please read the Bylaws to further understanding of the Center’s operations and qualifications for Board of Trustees.

   Contact the minister or board liaison with any questions.

   Qualifications for the Board, process, and duties of office are explained in ARTICLE 6, Sections 1-9, & 11-14.

   The Board officers are president, vice president, two treasurers, and two secretaries. The Board decides officers’ positions each year following the election of new members. Every member holds one of these positions.

 Information to Facilitate Your Application Process:

 Available online - www.unityrenaissance.org

  2015 Unity Renaissance Application

             with instructions in pdf form

UR Bylaws Copy of Current, approved 2013

UR Organizational Chart ~ Functional

12 Board of Trustee Commitments

Packet available in Narthex Info Desk:                        

  • 2014 Board of Trustees Application for nomination

  • A copy of the Unity Renaissance 2013 Bylaws

  • 12 Commitments for Board Service

1)   Review Bylaws and 12 Commitments  for Board Service

2)    Download the 2014 Board of Trustee Application

3)   Email the completed application document to

Cyndi Root

Cindy Mills

4)   Or, deliver a printed copy to the Unity Renaissance office.  

 The personal information on page two is confidential and will not be publicized. It helps the Nominating Council to contact you for follow-up information. Please proofread and correct your application as the committee copies your completed application for distribution. We will copy exactly what you have written in the allotted space. We use electronic means (email, web) to publicize the candidates. If you have any concerns about this, please talk with Cordy Mack or Marcia Austin. (Contact info above)


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